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How exciting is it that we’re a part of the generation that witnessed technology truly advance so quickly?? We experienced landlines transition to smartphones, hatchbacks to energy-efficient electric Tesla’s, and airlines fly to further & more exotic destinations.

We are becoming richer and more globalized with each passing year.

With globalization comes convenience, and there is also the unfortunate dissolution of our impact on the environment and local communities with our travels. Happily, though, people are becoming more & more environmentally conscious!

Surprisingly, it’s not that difficult for any single person to lead a travel lifestyle that is sustainable. And bonus- practicing sustainable travel can make you a much more frugal traveler too!

Our love of travel can be quite damaging to the places we visit but don’t fret because you’ve found one of the top sites for sustainable travel resources! I’ll be adding new posts to this page MONTHLY, and they’ll include ALL of my best tips for being an ultimate sustainable traveler (without having to sacrifice anything).

Hiking Madeira’s Mountains

Hiking Madeira’s Mountains

This pearl of the Atlantic Ocean maintains much of its original beauty, and is truly a paradise in the purest form.

A Visit to Crater Lake, Oregon

A Visit to Crater Lake, Oregon

Inhaling a deep calming breath of crisp air, our national park guide directed through our first (successful) steps on top of the snow into the wilderness surrounding America’s most beautiful lake.

Eco-Friendly Tips for the Beach

Eco-Friendly Tips for the Beach

Beach clean ups are great, but they are a band-aid over a bigger problem, not a solution. So, I’ve put together a simple list of things YOU can do to prevent waste and be eco-friendly on your next beach visit.

Sustainable Travel Informational Resources

Education & Awareness:

Tread Right

*Online Searches: Ecosia

Sustainable Travel & Tour Companies:

Global Basecamp

Hotel & Lodging Accreditation to look for:

Green Key

US Green Building Association

Pledge to be a better sustainable traveler (FREE!):

Travel Better Pledge

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