United States

A Visit to Crater Lake, Oregon

Inhaling a deep calming breath of crisp air, our national park guide directed through our first (successful) steps on top of the snow into the wilderness surrounding America’s most beautiful lake.

The Perfect Weekend Getaway in Maui

Travelers could spend much more time than a long weekend in Maui, however if you are prepared for a quick retreat to the island here is what needs to be seen and done

Guide to the Road to Hana, Maui

Containing so many stunningly beautiful parts of the island and hidden gems, the Road to Hana is an all-day road trip through a lush garden and vistas around every corner.

Where to stay in Maui, Hawaii

While the Hawaiian Islands are similar to one another, each has an individuality to them and Maui is a favorite among many. Knowing ahead of time what type of a trip you are seeking and matching lodging to that will help you decide where to stay in Maui and help make sure you have a fantastic time

Visit White Sands National Monument

If you ever find yourself on a road trip that takes you through New Mexico- GO to White Sands!  Beautiful & serene, it was a stunning place hidden in the desert.

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