Travel Tips

Zero Waste Packing List

What we pack for a trip can determine how big an impact we leave on the planet. Read on for sustainable options when choosing what to bring with you.

Crazy Dense Eco-Travel Guide

A complete guide on ALL things related to Eco-Travel and what you can start doing to become a more ‘green’ traveler today.

How to use the CAT in Vienna

The CAT in Vienna is easy to use, cost-saving, efficient, & something I would definitely recommend to anyone traveling to Vienna.

Easiest Sustainable Travel Tips

The TOP twelve easiest and most useful tips & tricks for any traveler who is looking to be more sustainable, environmentally friendly.

The Best Carry On Essentials

These carry on essentials are a mix of ‘things to do’ and comfort items – while maintaining a sustinable focus, pack like a pro for your next flight

Best Tips to Beat Jet Lag

Ever felt the weight of a jet lagged body & mind during or after an exciting trip? I’ve put together an ultimate list of actionable tips… and shared some

Mexico City Travel Advice

If you’re questioning whether you should go to Mexico City or not, the answer is YES, go! Read on for my Mexico City travel advice

Eco-Friendly Tips for the Beach

Beach clean ups are great, but they are a band-aid over a bigger problem, not a solution. So, I’ve put together a simple list of things YOU can do to prevent waste and be eco-friendly on your next beach visit.

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