Top Things to do in San Pedro, Belize

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        Beautifully clear blue waters, colorful small town and low key living …with a slight party habit, San Pedro, Belize is an ideal destination for anyone looking for an island getaway.  San Pedro is perfect for travelers of all types. Below is a list of things to do on the island, both adventurous and low-key.

With so much to explore, here are the

Top 8 things you need to see & do in San Pedro, Belize

Snorkel Hol Chan Marine Reserve & Shark Ray Alley

One of my favorite days out of the entire trip, snorkeling off of San Pedro is a MUST do activity.  Hol Chan Marine Reserve had the most incredible sea creatures. Check out my blog post that details what we saw and how the company we chose had an environmental focus.

Sunset Cruise

Being on an island means lots of access to beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  TripAdvisor has plenty of options for cruising groups at sunsets. Some including drinks, dinner, etc.  Based off of a locals recommendation we chose to walk along the beach to find a boat for sunset (thinking it would be cheaper, which it was).  My suggestion would be to book a sunset cruise PRIOR to arriving to San Pedro. Boats don’t go out every evening so booking in advance will guarantee you a stress free experience.  Luckily, we found a unique sail boat last minute, who provided us rum punch and light snacks. Find which options fits your travel style best.

Explore San Pedro town

Many lodging options are resorts that offer a more Westernized experience, however San Pedro town is colorful, with welcoming locals.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to see how people live on the island.


Belize Chocolate Company

This adorably decorated business right on the shoreline provided amazingly delicious baked goods and homemade chocolates.  They support recycling and sustainability for the island so is a great business to support.

Enjoy local nightlife

There are a lot of options for bars in San Pedro’s town.  As any other place you travel to, not all bars are created equal in providing a comfortable experience.  So, go where you feel you can have the most fun with no concerns. Monday night is the islands most mellow night.

Here are a list of bars that were suggested to us:

  • Wet Willys
  • Big Daddys
  • Barefoot Iguana
  • Jaguar Temple

On the weekends at the central square, there are various tented areas where you can purchase grilled street food (I did not find any vegetarian options).

Blue Hole National Park

Another MUST do experience, however since we weren’t able to scuba dive we chose to not visit (at least for this trip).  Here is the information I was able to gather while we considered going:

  • It is a two and a half hour boat ride to get there, so it is an all day excursion
  • There are three tour groups that take you there, for scuba divers and snorkelers

Amigos Del Mar

Ambergis Dive


  • When you first arrive to San Pedro book this excursion if you want to do it.  The tours do not go out daily so if you aren’t on the island for too long you may not get the chance to go
  • For snorkelers, you will snorkel around the Blue Hole (1.15 miles), then Half Moon Caye, have lunch and do a short hike, then snorkel at The Aquarium

*see the TIPS section of this post for more about the Blue Hole National Park Experience

Spend a day at Secret Beach

I had heard whisperings of Secret Beach on San Pedro and what’s to be found there, an off the beaten path, slice of heaven.  Visiting here will leave you more than surprised that a paradise like this still exists. If you want to find specifics on how to get there (as there is no cell service, nor map leading you there) and how to pack for it check out this blog post.

Water Activities

Your hotel will have plenty of options for companies offering jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, kayaking, catamarans… pretty much any water activity you want to do.  There aren’t major waves off of San Pedro so if you’re hesitant don’t let your fear of a strong current deter you. It’s a very approachable water area.

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Top TIPS for visiting San Pedro, Belize:

  • San Pedro has small beaches, and depending on the weather (storms) there may be seaweed washed up on the shore.  If you’re staying near the main town understand that while convenient, it is not meant to be a lay on the beach and wade into the water type of place.  Those perfect beaches are there but further on a less trodden path (see my post about getting to Secret Beach).
  • Humidity is real in Central America and can be intense.  Stay hydrated.
  • Unless you are scuba diving or an avid snorkeler, I would not suggest snorkeling the Blue Hole National Park.  According to local advice, you will see much more wildlife at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, and the excitement behind the Blue Hole is that scuba divers has a rare opportunity to dive so deep in unobscured waters.
  • Rent a golf cart to get around; most hotels will be able to connect you with a company.  Prices are all very similar so going through your lodging is great because they will bring it right to you.

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