Santa Fe, New Mexico Weekend Getaway

Santa Fe, New Mexico Weekend Getaway

Santa Fe, New Mexico Weekend Getaway

Travel guide to New Mexico’s beauty, Santa Fe

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Santa Fe New Mexico is a perfect destination for a weekend getaway at any age. Known for its unique architecture & art scene, Santa Fe will keep your eyes & stomach full. The city combines modern healthy lifestyle with historic spanish charm, which makes it feel like something out of this world.

Included in this post:

  • Best time to visit Santa Fe
  • How to get around the city
  • Top Things to do in Santa Fe
  • Excursions outside of the city
  • The best places to eat & more!

Travel guide for a Weekend Getaway in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Best Time to Go

Santa Fe is a perfect weekend destination year-round! Depending on what you want to do while visiting will help to decide when to go. In the winter months, Santa Fe is chilly and dry, with snow in the nearby mountains, so is a great time to visit for skiers. Where as in the summer, the days are hot and the nights are warm. Personally, I prefer fall & spring, as the weather will be warm without the heat.



Weather in Santa Fe

A great thing about Santa Fe is the 350+ days of sunshine each year. There is a monsoon season towards the end of summer but visitors will most likely only see rain for an hour or two in the afternoons. With temperatures ranging from 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 85 degrees in the summer, travelers are almost guaranteed to experience a wonderful mild weather setting no matter when they visit.



Transportation/Getting Around Santa Fe

Downtown Santa Fe is very walkable, however if you stay outside of town you will need a car or need to use a ride share service. Luckily there is plenty of parking in the downtown area. There is a bus system in place for public transportation but with most of the major sites being within walking distance you may not even need it.

Top things to do in Santa Fe:

There is no shortage of unique things to do in Santa Fe. Here is a list of places to see and things to do that I wouldn’t miss when visiting Santa Fe:



Stroll along The Plaza

The Plaza is the central historic district of Santa Fe. It’s the hub of the city, and on weekends there are often events in the streets. This 400 years old center is where you’ll spend most of your time, so go slow and soak it all up.

Purchase turquoise jewelry along the Palace of the Governors

The Palace of the Governors is the historic building where Spain ruled over the American Southwest in the early 17th century. While you can pay $12 to enter the building, I think it’s more fun to spend your time underneath the outdoor arches of the building. You’ll find beautiful turquoise jewelry pieces handmade by locals here. These outdoor vendors typically have better prices and you can barter with them.



Walk through the Loretto Chapel

While I can’t claim this to be the coolest church I’ve ever been into, the Loretto Chapel holds quite a bit of history for the Santa Fe area & is worth a visit.

Enjoy a tasting at Santa Fe Spirits

Known for their barrel aged whiskey’s this distillery creates delicious spirits that embrace the spirit of the Southwest region.

*Santa Fe Spirits is a short drive outside of the historic district & opens at 3pm daily



Mesmerize your senses at Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf is an immersive and interactive experience that embraces weirdness & challenges societal norms. For $30 you can spend an afternoon in this multi-sensory exhibit and be delighted for hours by the designs.

Sun-Thurs 10am-8pm

Fri & Sat 10am-10pm

Cost: $30 general admission

Noisy Water Winery; green Chile wine

New Mexico has a thing with green chiles. And by ‘thing’, I mean they’re obsessed with them. You’ll find green chiles (and red too) in almost every dish. Noisy Water Winery took it a step further by creating Green Chile Wine! Stop in to their tasting room in Santa Fe and enjoy a sample of this spicy wine, along with their other delicious options.

Kakawa Chocolate House

This specialty chocolate house just outside of The Plaza is a chocolate lovers dream come true. Kakawa Chocolate House makes chocolate elixirs dating back to Mayan & Aztec times. Stop in for a tasting and order yourself a cup of your favorite elixir. Don’t worry the staff here are extremely friendly and offer plenty of samples so you can find your favorite – mine was the Jeffersonian flavor made with nutmeg. There are more unique flavors like coconut hibiscus and french lavender. And if you like it purchase a bag to bring home with you or for your friends.

Santa fe Railyard Arts District

The Santa Fe Railyard Arts District houses many of the art galleries that travelers come to explore in the area. It’s well worth a walk through, and houses a brewery and delicious coffee shop too. The last friday of each month the area hosts an Art Walk where artists display their work, musicians play and more.

Visit the Santa Fe Opera & Tailgate beforehand

There is a local known tradition of tailgating at the Santa Fe Opera before the performance begins. It’s like a combination of class with cowboys, so don’t feel as if you need to pack your gown or tuxedo, come dressed in what you’re comfortable wearing and enjoy the performance.

The parking lot opens about three hours before the start of the shows, so you have plenty of time to enjoy your dinner and sunset from your tailgate.

Where to eat in Santa Fe

Here are the places that we tried and where locals suggested we dine in Santa Fe:

Outside of Santa Fe

New Mexico is home to so many unique & hidden gem spots. Here are the places around the area that we took time to explore during our weekend trip to Santa Fe:


Kasha Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument:

An hour outside of Santa Fe lies this 1.5 mile (one-way) hike. It’s best known for its tent rocks, which are unique cone shaped rock formations. The landscape here reminds me of Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatoowein in Star Wars. My advice, go when it opens so you can enjoy the hike & views without the crowds. *Check if the trail is open as it often closes during the winter months due to weather and snow.

Taos, New Mexico:

If you’re visiting Santa Fe in the winter and are a fan of skiing and snowboarding, I would suggest scheduling time to visit Taos, New Mexico. Travelers take the high road to Taos from Santa Fe and will be greeted by a town with charm similar to Santa Fe’s but on a smaller scale. This area has access to great mountain sport slopes, and a quintessential plaza area. *Be warned, the restaurants in this area are lacking in existence and in healthy food fares, so plan accordingly.

*On your way to Taos you’ll pass the El Santuario de Chimayo. This is a Catholic pilgrimage site on road to Taos, and worth a quick stop to explore.


Classical Gas Museum:

Probably one of the bizarrest and yet coolest places to see, the Classical Gas Museum is a great stop on your way back to Santa Fe from Taos. This ‘museum’ is free to enter and features classic gas pumps, neon signs and so much more from times throughout American history.

Fun Facts about visiting Santa Fe, Nex Mexico:

-Sopapillas should come for FREE at the end of your meal. If you see otherwise the food may not be traditionally made New Mexican food.

-Northern New Mexico is known for blue corn, southern New Mexico for white corn. So be sure to try blue corn tortillas with your meals.

Don't Forget to Pack:

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Hi! I’m Laura, a sustainable travel blogger, as well as freelancing online brand strategist. I share real & honest information about traveling, how to do so sustainably, and ways to earn an income while working remote.

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Tokyo, Japan in 4 Days

Tokyo, Japan in 4 Days

Tokyo, Japan in 4 Days

A four day itinerary for what to do in Tokyo, Japan

Last Updated April 8th, 2020

Four days in Tokyo is a great amount of time to spend in the city, if you’ve never been to Tokyo before. This Tokyo itinerary is the best way to spend a weekend here and get the most out of your time in this wonderfully clean, fast paced & unique city.

Below are four days of what to see and do in Tokyo based on location within the city, including tons of tips and how to be best prepared.

Things you should know before going to Tokyo:

  • The city is massive, so prepare in advance by allocating time spent getting from one place to the next
  • Each day in this itinerary is stuffed with awesome places to see & things to do, which means these are long days.
  • Be sure to understand Tokyo’s public transportation systems before you arrive. Here is an awesome detailed guide about Tokyo’s public transportation.
  • If this is your first trip & you need general information about Tokyo, then check out this first timers guide to Tokyo
  • You do not have to follow the order of this itinerary, however each day is based on a certain area of the city to make the most of your time there

While there is definitely an endless amount of things to see & do in Tokyo, here are the

Best places to see in Tokyo in four days for your first visit:

Day ONE: Saturday, Central Tokyo

Fly into Tokyo the day before, Friday

Explore the Tsukiji Fish Market

The Tsukiji Fish Market was once the largest wholesale fish & seafood market in the world. Today it is split into two locations.

  1. The wholesale fish market is in Toyosu (the wholesale fish market was the original inner market)
  2. The outer market is still in Tsukiji, and is mostly restaurants and vendors. Here is where you can experience the traditional looking market that many travelers cherish. You will find plenty of sushi, mochi, matcha green tea and more at the Tsukiji outer market. Most of the restaurants and vendors are open until around 3pm, so visiting here first thing in the morning would be ideal.

*Please note- the Toyosu fish market is located where a previous gas company took residence. It took many years for the transition due to concerns about contamination. It’s said there is no contamination, but for my preference I wouldn’t choose to go or eat from there. Just something to consider…

    Become a real life Mario Kart player!

    Let your childhood gaming dreams come true by booking a go-karting experience through Tokyo. Dress up in cartoon onesies and a local guide will direct you through the beautiful city. You’ll have a hilarious and fun few hours revving your engines while seeing a new perspective of Tokyo.

    After thorough research we chose this company to go-kart with. They had small groups of about six people plus one guide. You will need to bring an IDP — International Driver’s Permit — and your passport with you.

    *Tokyo may be a massive city of 13+ million people, yet their roads felt very safe and easy to navigate (which was a fear of mine going into go-karting).

    *Be sure to dress in layers. Considering the fact that go-karts have no walls, you are zooming through the streets which means lots of wind. Our hands were numb halfway through, and I was very grateful for my goofy onesie as it provided an extra layer of warmth.

      Walk around Ginza

      Ginza is Tokyo’s famous shopping, entertainment & ritziest neighborhood. It felt like a cleaner, more extravagant version of Manhattan. I suggest walking around on a Saturday afternoon as the main street is closed off to vehicles (from 12-5pm) so pedestrians can meander through the streets. Hop in and out of gorgeous department stores, listen to live music on the street and find a great place for lunch to take in the extravagance of Ginza

        Explore the Imperial Palace

        Tokyo’s Imperial Palace was rebuilt after its destruction during World War Two to its identical style. While the buildings are not open to the public, you can walk around the gardens. There are options to book a tour guide for these gardens. We did not participate in a tour, however they are free and limited to 300 people (!?) per group. For more information here is the ‘application’ page to book one of the tours.

          Go out for drinks in Shinjuku

          Shinjuku is considered the business district, yet it has an exciting night life and turns into an entertainment hub when the sun goes down. It’s also home to the famous Robot Restaurant. Take your time walking around, popping into different stores and bars to gain a sense of how nightlife in Tokyo is done by all ages.

            Shinjuku is where the popular Golden Gai area is located as well. Golden Gai is a small area with narrow bars and alleyways. The clientele are comparable to the locals you see at your bars, but are very loyal to their small bar in Golden Gai. To be honest, as tourists, we felt uncomfortable entering the narrow establishments. I would suggest only exploring here with a local.

              Day TWO: Sunday, West Side/Modern Tokyo

              Wear comfortable shoes today, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking

              Meander through Shinjuku Garden

              Shinjuku Garden is a beautiful place to leisurely walk around and disappear from the hustle of Tokyo. It’s beautiful in both autumn (fall foliage) and spring (cherry blossom blooms). The Shinjuku Garden is a national park and has an entrance fee of 200 yen.

                Step back in time at Yoyogi Park & the Meiji Shrine

                An even more densely forested area in busy Tokyo, Yoyogi Park is one of the city’s largest parks. The Meiji Shrine sits inside of the beautiful Yoyogi park, and was originally built for the emperor who helped Japan transition to a world power in the early 1900’s. Similarly to the Imperial Palace, the Meiji Shrine was rebuilt after World War Two. When you visit here you may likely witness a traditional Shinto wedding like we did.

                This Japan Guide provides great instructions on how to get here without having to walk crazy far (…which we may have done ourselves accidentally).

                  Channel your inner child spirit at Harajuku

                  Thanks to Gwen Stefani, we’ve come to know Harajuku girls are fun, eclectically dressed girls, and it originated in Harajuku, Tokyo. The main street is Takeshita Dori, or Takeshita Street. Everything is open on Sundays, and still very busy but very much so worth the experience of shuffling through the crowds. Spend your time here exploring the colorful shops and restaurants (many of which have lines lasting at least 30 minutes just to place an order)

                    Become lost in the crowd at Shibuya Crossing

                    Shibuya Crossing is the busiest crossing section in the world, but oddly enough is not overwhelmingly hectic as you might expect. Curious as to why that is? Read this to learn more about Japanese culture. Unlike most street crossings, Shibuya’s crosswalks will all turn green at once which is why it’s such a busy crossing.

                    *Many people will suggest going into the Starbucks at Shibuya to people watch the crossing. This could be a great option, but you’ll be waiting in an epically long line to cram your way to the glass window. INSTEAD go to the Magnet building roof. It’s free to go up on their rooftop viewing deck, and (in my opinion) has a better view as it’s higher up than the Starbucks window. Plus there was NO line. We casually walked into the elevator with only one other couple, and were greeted by at most 10 people up there.

                      Day THREE: Monday

                      Get a birds eye view of Tokyo from the top of the Government Building

                      While you can go to the top of the Tokyo Sky Tree for a fee, you can visit the top of Tokyo’s Government Building for free! (My excitement for free things to do while traveling apparently makes me rhyme like Dr. Suess) You will get an equally high view of the city, just from the opposing side of the Sky Tree.

                      We arrived 15 minutes prior to it opening and there was already a long line, however it moves quickly. Be prepared for potential motion sickness, as the elevator ascends quickly.

                        Test your senses on a Japanese food tour

                        Japanese food is known for sushi, but compared to America’s take on sushi it is vastly different than what you might expect. Having a guide to direct you to the best unknown gems and suggesting new items to try is a great way to test the waters and build your confidence when ordering food on your own.

                        We booked through City Unscripted. I love their concept of hiring local guides for personalized and private tours.

                        Personally, I try to maintain a vegetarian diet while traveling, however given certain circumstances I will eat seafood on my travels. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a food tour in Tokyo for strict vegans or vegetarians as it was quite difficult for our local guide to find places that satisfied our eating preferences.

                          Have your mind mesmerized at TeamLab Borderless

                          By far one of our favorite places in Tokyo. TeamLab Borderless is a museum filled with unique rooms with lightshoes. Pictures can do it more justice than I could explaning it, so see below!

                          NOTE: there are TWO locations near each other in Tokyo–

                          The difference between TeamLab Borderless and TeamLab Planet:

                          It is easy to confuse the two. TeamLab Borderless is known for the images I have included in this post, and is further away than TeamLab Planet (by only a 5-7 minute train ride). It is also intended to be permanent.

                          TeamLab Planet is a temporary exhibit, and doesn’t require as much time to go through & enjoy. It also apparently has an exhibit where you walk through water.

                          You must purchase your tickets in advance, so book your tickets now! It’s difficult to say what time of day is best as you will want to spend hours inside enjoying everything. Mornings are busy but you will have the most time to explore. However, even with a busy crowd entering we were able to take the pictures we wanted with almost no one in the way.

                          Fun story: we were SO proud of ourselves as we arrived early and were towards the front of the entrance line, only to find out that we were at the wrong location, and sprinted to the train to get to the correct one we purchased tickets for. A typical travel fail, but oh well, it happens to the best of us.

                            Maps to reference the two locations of TeamLab

                            Catch a rainbow view

                            Enjoy sunset and watch the Rainbow bridge light up. The bridge is located in the same area as both TeamLab locations, which is why I would recommend visiting TeamLab in the afternoon, and staying for sunset. There is an easily accessible beach area where you can watch the bridge light up. The bridge lights up in different colors depending on the time of year, so you may not witness the rainbow colors, however sunset here is beautiful either way. Fun fact about the bridge is that the lights are solar powered- bonus points to Tokyo for sustainability!

                              Day FOUR: Tuesday

                              Enjoy Ueno Park

                              Ueno Park contains quite a few museums and is quite beautiful during autumn and spring (similar to Shinjuku Garden). Choose a museum to explore and spend the morning calmly walking around the peaceful park

                                Dive into Japanese culture by exploring the Asakusa neighborhood

                                Asakusa showcases some of the most popular landmarks to see in Tokyo. While walking around here you’ll feel as if you are stepping back in time by walking through what feels like a living museum. The Nakamise Shopping Street here has many small shops that are great for purchasing souvenirs and gifts to bring home.

                                  Marvel at the Sensoji Temple

                                  The Sensoji Temple is part of the Asakusa neighborhood, but rightly deserves its own section here. It is incredibly breathtaking and in the heart of the Asakusa area.

                                  *If you’re curious about what people do in and around the temple read about basic Japanese culture here

                                    Tokyo, Japan is an incredibly unique city that is a great gateway for those who have never visited Asia before. This four day itinerary for Tokyo will have you excited to spend even more time in the city on your next visit. The city feels like a blend of culture, entertainment, history and modernity with some of the most respectful and kind people I’ve ever met.

                                      Tips for Visiting Tokyo, Japan in four days:

                                      • Aim to stay somewhere central, as getting around Tokyo can take quite a bit of time
                                        • We stayed in the Shinjuku area, but other great neighborhoods would be Shibuya, Ginza or near the Tokyo Station
                                        • If you can, try staying in a capsule hotel. Note: We couldn’t find one that had availability for both male & females. If you find a capsule hotel that accommodates both please share with me!
                                      • Department stores are great for gift & souvenir shopping. Many are located underground, so look up their locations as opposed to hoping to find one while walking around
                                      • Tokyo is a very large and busy city that can feel overwhelming, so be sure to slow down & enjoy it (which is why I suggested so many parks)
                                      • 7/11’s will be your best friend. You can find relatively cheap food and use their ATMs easily.

                                        Hi! I’m Laura, a sustainable travel blogger, as well as freelancing online brand strategist. I share real & honest information about traveling, how to do so sustainably, and ways to earn an income while working remote.

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                                        Top Things to do in San Pedro, Belize

                                        Top Things to do in San Pedro, Belize

                                        Top Things to do in San Pedro, Belize

                                        Don’t miss this incredible island!

                                        Considering a trip to Belize? Then you’re probably checking out San Pedro and wondering what are the top things to do on the island.

                                        Beautifully clear blue waters, colorful small town and low key living …with a slight party habit, San Pedro, Belize is an ideal destination for anyone looking for an island getaway. San Pedro is perfect for travelers of all types.

                                        Below is a list of things to do in San Pedro for both adventurous and low-key relaxing travelers.

                                        How do you get to San Pedro?

                                        There are two ways you can get to San Pedro, Belize – by water taxi or by plane. You can read all about both here.

                                        With so much to explore, here are the

                                        Top 8 things you need to see & do in San Pedro, Belize

                                        Snorkel Hol Chan Marine Reserve & Shark Ray Alley

                                        One of my favorite days out of the entire trip was snorkeling the Hol Chan Marine Preserve. Located a few miles off of the coast of San Pedro, this is a MUST do activity. Hol Chan Marine Reserve had the most incredible sea creatures & clear water for snorkeling and diving. And fun fact, it’s the second largest barrier reef in the world!

                                        Check out my blog post that details what we saw and how the company we chose had an environmental focus.

                                        Sunset Cruise

                                        Being on an island means lots of access to beautiful sunrises and sunsets. TripAdvisor has plenty of options for cruising groups at sunsets. Some including drinks, dinner, etc. Based off of a locals recommendation we chose to walk along the beach to find a boat for sunset (thinking it would be cheaper, which it was).

                                        *Travel TIP : Book a sunset cruise PRIOR to arriving to San Pedro. Boats don’t go out every evening so booking in advance will guarantee you a stress free experience. Luckily, we found a unique sail boat last minute, who provided us rum punch and light snacks.

                                        Explore San Pedro town

                                        San Pedro town is colorful, with welcoming locals. Meander through the streets, and the shops located beachside. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see how people live on the island.


                                        Belize Chocolate Company

                                        This adorably decorated business right on the shoreline provided amazingly delicious baked goods and homemade chocolates. They focus their efforts on recycling and sustainability for the island so is a great business to support.

                                        Rent a Golf Cart

                                        There are almost no cars on San Pedro island, so you can either rent bicycles or golf carts. I would suggest golf carts because (1) it’s fun and (2) the roads are fairly bumpy so riding a bicycle on them is like asking for your bum to be sore. Renting a golf cart is an easy & efficient way to explore parts of the island that you can’t access by foot near San Pedro town.

                                        Enjoy local nightlife

                                        There are a lot of options for bars in San Pedro’s town. As any other place you travel to, not all bars are created equal in providing a comfortable experience. So, go where you feel you can have the most fun with no concerns. Monday night is the islands most mellow night.

                                        Here are a list of bars that were suggested to us:

                                        • Crocs
                                        • Playa Bar
                                        • Blue Water Grill
                                        • Lola’s
                                        • Wet Willys
                                        • Big Daddys
                                        • Barefoot Iguana
                                        • Jaguar Temple

                                        On the weekends at the central square, there are various tented areas where you can purchase grilled street food (Plant based people, these street food vendors may not be for you as I did not find any vegetarian options).

                                        Blue Hole National Park

                                        Another MUST do experience, however since we weren’t able to scuba dive we chose to not visit (at least for this trip). Here is the information I was able to gather while we considered going:

                                        • It is a two and a half hour boat ride to get there, so it is an all day excursion
                                        • There are three tour groups that take you there, for scuba divers and snorkelers

                                        Amigos Del Mar

                                        Ambergis Dive


                                        • When you first arrive to San Pedro book this excursion if you want to do it. The tours do not go out daily so if you aren’t on the island for too long you may not get the chance to go
                                        • For snorkelers, you will snorkel around the Blue Hole (1.15 miles), then Half Moon Caye, have lunch and do a short hike, then snorkel at The Aquarium

                                        *see the TIPS section of this post for more about the Blue Hole National Park Experience

                                        Spend a day at Secret Beach

                                        I had heard whisperings of Secret Beach on San Pedro. You’ll find an off the beaten path, slice of heaven. Visiting here will leave you more than surprised that a paradise like this still exists.

                                        If you want to find specifics on how to get there (as there is no cell service, nor map leading you there) and how to pack for it check out this blog post.

                                        Water Activities

                                        Your hotel will have plenty of options for companies offering jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, kayaking, catamarans… pretty much any water activity you could want to do. There aren’t major waves off of San Pedro so if you’re hesitant don’t let your fear of a strong current deter you. It’s a very approachable water area.

                                        Spend an evening at Truck Stop

                                        A food truck hub complete with an ice cream shop, pool and epic sunsets! Truck stop has nightly events that you can find out about through their facebook page.

                                        Where to stay in San Pedro, Belize

                                        When choosing where to stay in San Pedro, I would suggest staying near San Pedro town. You’ll be conviently close to the docks where you arrive and depart (unless you fly into their small airport), and you’ll be near the majroity of restaurants, excursion docks and more

                                        Check out current hotel deals for San Pedro below


                                        Don't Forget to Pack:

                                        click image to find out more!

                                        Hi! I’m Laura, a sustainable travel blogger, as well as freelancing online brand strategist. I share real & honest information about traveling, how to do so sustainably, and ways to earn an income while working remote.

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                                        Top TIPS for visiting San Pedro, Belize:

                                        • San Pedro has small beaches, and depending on the weather (storms) there may be seaweed washed up on the shore. If you’re staying near the main town understand that while convenient, it is not meant to be a lay on the beach and wade into the water type of place. Those perfect beaches are there but further on a less trodden path (see my post about getting to Secret Beach). Or rent a boat to swim in the ocean further from the shoreline.
                                        • Humidity is real in Central America and can be intense. Stay hydrated.
                                        • Unless you are scuba diving or an avid snorkeler, I would not suggest snorkeling the Blue Hole National Park. According to local advice, you will see much more wildlife at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, and the excitement behind the Blue Hole is that scuba divers have a rare opportunity to dive so deep into unobscured waters.
                                        • Rent a golf cart to get around. Since the island of San Pedro is longer than it is wide, it’s not convenient for cars to drive around. Most hotels will be able to connect you with a golf cart company. Prices are all very similar so going through your lodging is great because they will bring it right to you.

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                                        The Perfect Weekend Getaway in Maui

                                        The Perfect Weekend Getaway in Maui

                                        The Perfect Weekend Getaway in Maui

                                        What to see & do in Maui in three days

                                        What started as an impulsive decision to purchase flight tickets to Maui turned into an endearing love with the island and culture of Hawaii as a whole. Laid back vibes, wholesome people, humble living, amazing food and incredible landscapes are all a part of what you’ll experience here. Living on the west coast allows for an easy opportunity to travel to Hawaii for a weekend getaway; it is similar in flight time back to the east coast (fly back towards unpredictable weather OR fly to island heaven? In my opinion, the choice will almost always be the islands!).

                                        Travelers could spend much more time than a long weekend in Maui, however if you are prepared for a quick retreat to the island here are the

                                        Top things to see & do in Maui in a weekend

                                        Snorkel with the ‘fishies’

                                        Experience snorkeling areas on a weekend getaway in Maui without having to jump on a boat and drive out to sea. Rent equipment locally and swim with coronet fish, yellow tang and various pufferfish (among many other species!). Here are some of the top snorkeling beaches in Maui:

                                        • Ka’anapali Beach, West Maui: go to the north end near Black Rock
                                        • Honolua Bay, West Maui: called the ‘crown jewel’ of Maui
                                        • Wailea, South Maui: we loved Ulua Beach for snorkeling
                                        • Makena Landing, South Maui: not for beginners as the area is rocky but great wildlife

                                        Treat yourself to a fancy dinner and great food

                                        There are many restaurant options in Maui, so allow yourself to be picky when it comes to eating out. Most places source their ingredients locally (which may also have to do with the fact that importing can be very expensive) and many support a sustainable farming lifestyle.

                                        • Lahaina neighborhood has many choices, with Kimos Restaurant having a delicious vegetarian plate and a wonderful ocean view
                                        • Paia Fish Market: there are multiple locations on the island, and are known for fast service (order at the counter, hunt down a seat at a shared table and listen for your number to be called). Their menu changes depending on what fisherman catch that day, so fresh is an expectation here.
                                        • Enjoy vegan coconut ice cream from a handmade hut on the Road to Hana at Coconut Glens. Trust me when I suggest trying the lilikoi (passionfruit) flavor.
                                        • Mama’s Fish House: this is the nicest restaurant on the island. Deliciously crafted cocktails, excellent service and the most enjoyable, fresh food. Eating here will have you quoting ‘treat yo’ self’ from the show Parks and Rec. *Make a reservation before you arrive to Maui.
                                        • Other foods to make sure to enjoy:

                                        -Maui golden pineapples: they are much less acidic so better for your mouth and stomach

                                        -Banana Bread baked by the Four Sisters (although really any fresh baked bread on the island is delicious)

                                        The Road to Hana

                                        The Road to Hana requires an entire day, if not two days. Check out my guide to The Road to Hana here.

                                        Visit Haleakala State Park

                                        Towards the end of the Road to Hana, Haleakala State Park has two stunning outdoor locations that are a must do:

                                        • O’heo Gulch Pools (Seven Sacred Pools)
                                        • Kipahulu Waterfall Hike

                                        *both of these are discussed in my Road to Hana Guide

                                        Enjoy a relaxing morning or afternoon on a calm beach

                                        Adventurous exploring is always great, but Hawaii is most well thought of as a beach getaway, so be sure to plan at least half a day lounging with your toes in the water and booty in the sand. Don’t forget to bring your reef-safe sunscreen (a review of different reef-safe sunscreen brands is in the works!) and your beach friendly supplies to ensure a blissful few hours under the sun. Here are Maui beaches that were recommended to us by both locals and prior visitors:


                                        • Na’apili Beach: street parking is fairly easy to find here
                                        • Maluaka, South Maui
                                        • Big Beach, South Maui
                                        • Makena area, South Maui
                                        • Kihei area, South Maui: you can see beaches from the road, so stop where you want (also a great area for surf lessons)
                                        • Ka’anapali, West Maui: Maui’s most popular & well-known beach

                                        Explore Paia Town

                                        Many call Paia a hippie town, whereas I consider it a historic neighborhood with a casual vibe and colorful buildings. Take a half a day here and be sure to load up on vegetarian and vegan lunch options from the Mana Grocery Store in town.

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                                        Top TIPS for visiting Maui:

                                        • Getting from beach to beach isn’t as easy as driving down the road and parking. Many beaches are on resort properties, so you have to find parking elsewhere and walk. Make sure to incorporate that into your schedule
                                        • It is now required to book reservations to watch the sunrise at the Haleakalā crater. These book fast, so plan ahead!
                                        • Rent a car if you’re not planning on staying at a resort
                                        • Mana Grocery store in Paia was a perfect place to purchase local goods to bring home; hot sauces, coffee, etc.

                                        Things I want to do on our next visit to Maui:

                                        • Snorkel and/or scuba dive at Molokini Crater
                                        • Camp overnite at Wa’ainapanapa State Park
                                        • Go to the Ali’I Lavender Farm
                                        • Catch sunrise at the top of Haleakalā crater

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